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About TLF's Mission

The Longbranch Foundation is dedicated to fostering a sense of community and providing an opportunity for the community to work together for mutual benefit.


A better community starts with you!

To Inspire Collaboration and Generosity in Order to Promote Educational Opportunities, to Maintain the Area’s History and to Improve the Natural Environment.

A Thriving and Sustainable South Key Peninsula Community

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Longbranch, Washington
Our Home - Our Inspiration

TLF's Charitable Purposes:


Preserving and Maintaining LIC's Historic Clubhouse

Maintaining and Improving LIC Grounds and Trails for Public Recreation

Advancing Education by Supporting Scholarship Programs and Public School Activities

Improving Environmental Protection & Public Safety at the Longbranch Marina

Supporting Community Service Organizations and Activities

Supporting the Community Wherever the Need is Greatest

Achieving Our Mission

The Longbranch Foundation achieves our Mission through partnerships with the Longbranch Improvement Club and other community service organizations. With the help of our partners, from volunteers and from government to local non-profits and businesses, we focus on a community-oriented, collaborative approach while staying true to our Core Values.


TLF supports maintenance and improvement of the historic Longbranch Improvement Club (LIC) clubhouse, a structure on the National Registry of Historic Places.

The Foundation also supports maintenance and improvement of the grounds of the LIC clubhouse, which are open for public recreational use and include an open field and woodland trail system.

And TLF supports required environmental and safety upgrades to improve the waters under the Longbranch Marina, assuring a safe environment for the public.


TLF supports scholarship programs, student camps, and other public school activities that assist underprivileged children. We work to understand unmet needs and to provide support where possible to Evergreen Elementary and Key Peninsula Middle School, provide funding for experiences when possible, and respond to the TLF mini-grant program for these institutions. 


The Foundation provides scholarships to Key Peninsula High School students who have met certain criteria to attend higher education institutions - academic or vocational - and continues support through higher ed for those students who qualify. 


The Longbranch Foundation supports other community service organizations and activities as well.

We're only one of many grassroots charitable organizations on the Key Peninsula. We support other local organizations through our grant process, which favors 501(c)(3) nonprofits requesting funds for projects that relate to TLF's charitable purposes.

The Foundation also brings community together with opportunities to volunteer on projects like our annual fundraising auction and many ongoing committees and projects with the Longbranch Improvement Club.

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