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Ian and Natalie Thank the LIC for Scholarships

The Longbranch Foundation recently received thank you notes from two students we sponsor through one of our scholarship programs.

Ian Lindhartsen

Recurring recipient Ian Lindhartsen is attending Pacific Lutheran University. He is studying Music and Chinese Studies. Ian tells the Longbranch Foundation he believes the way to world peace is through music, which is why he has chosen to combine these two majors. He is off to China to study for a year in what will surely be an extraordinary adventure.

Natalie Pierson

Peninsula High School graduate Natalie Pierson is preparing to start her freshman year at Northern Arizona University this fall. Like Ian, she is also entertaining the idea of a double major – only Natalie will be pursuing the fields of Physics and Astronomy/Planetary Science. Good luck to Natalie, we know she will enjoy success in her endeavors!

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