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The Longbranch Foundation: A New Resource for the Key Peninsula

The Longbranch Foundation was featured in the Key Peninsula News on January 1st 2018:

“Just entering its second year, The Longbranch Foundation is one of the newest charitable organizations in the Key Peninsula community. It was formed as a 501(c)(3) charitable extension of the nonprofit Longbranch Improvement Club (LIC), known for its historic, timber A-frame clubhouse and revitalized marina on Filucy Bay.

Formed almost 100 years ago, the LIC mission is “to encourage any activity for the betterment of schools, homemaking, roads, marketing, dairy, poultry and all its branches.”

The organization began by donating a large plot of land for a school, ball field and, years later, a WPA-built gymnasium that is the current clubhouse. Over the years, the LIC became an important influence on the southern end of the Key Peninsula, offering social, recreational, educational and philanthropic opportunities for locals.

From wartime bandage rolling to spirited holiday dances, the clubhouse has been at the core of the Longbranch community. The club has used its resources to support scholarships for local students and popular children’s events like “Trunk or Treat” and “Kids and Christmas.”

According to its charter, the goals of The Longbranch Foundation are fivefold: To preserve and maintain historic properties; to maintain and improve local area recreational grounds and trails; to support scholarship programs, student camps and other public school activities that assist underprivileged children; to enhance and protect the environment of Filucy Bay, including protection and public safety at the Longbranch Marina; and finally, to support other community service organizations through grants and activities that benefit the community.”



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