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The Longbranch Foundation – February 2020 Update

The Longbranch Foundation incorporated in January 2016 and with your support is making great progress investing in the South Key Peninsula “to improve our community” – our basic mission.

To highlight this progress, Tim Heitzman designed and built a story and David Shinners turned it into a video with music.

We are pleased to have raised over $7,000 in our fall Celebrate Campaign. After netting over $60,000 in our biennial Auction this summer, we thank all of you who are supporting us. We have had several generous $1,000 donations, including a grant targeting our scholarship/ education initiative from the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation (GTCF).

Here is a quote from the GTCF website: “A community foundation’s mission is to enhance the quality of life through the support of a broad range of services necessary to sustain the community: health; education; arts and culture; conservation and environment.” The GTCF connects donors with Pierce County non-profits who improve their community through the judicious use of donated funds. We are grateful that they chose us to receive one of their grants!

How do we raise money “to improve our community”? We have major fundraising events every other year: this year we will have the “Super Sale” in April, which benefits the upkeep of the LIC’s Historic Clubhouse, and next year we will have an Auction to benefit our education initiatives – scholarships and student programs. Once a year we send out letters – our fall Celebrate Campaign – asking for donations to the cause of your choice, and we benefit from your participation in Amazon-smile and Key Pen Market receipts.

How do we spend your money? In 2019 we spent over $20,000 of donated money “improving the community” over half of which went to scholarships and student programs, and we set up a reserve fund for scholarships and student programs to ensure we have a sustainable plan into the future. We also received a large grant from the state ($240K) to improve Filucy Bay ecology and Marina safety at the Longbranch Marina.

If you have any questions about or input for The Longbranch Foundation please do not hesitate to talk with one of our Board members: Randy Carr, Jim Hettinger, Kim Robinson, Clark Van Bogart, Don Swensen, Marcia Harris, Marsha Kremen, David Zeigler or call me.

Contact information can be found on our web site.

Thank you for working with us to make a difference in our community.


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