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The Longbranch Foundation (TLF) – January 2021 Update

We are all rejoicing that we are starting a new year with the hope of a brighter future! Your gifts of time and money have once again helped us fulfill our goal of improving the KP Community.

To give you an idea of how your foundation supported our community, we expanded our scholarship program to include students pursuing vocational higher education. Five scholarships in total were awarded. Your donations helped us support Food Backpacks 4 Kids and Two Waters in the good work they do.

In addition, over $7000 was distributed to KP non-profits through our Covid-19 web page. Most recently we sent $1,100 to the KP Community Center. This year, before the virus shut the schools, we were able to support sending Evergreen 5th graders to the Camp Seymour Environmental Camp. Once the school shut down, we supplied Food Market cards for Evergreen families. We also provided Art supplies for all Evergreen Kindergarteners, as well as winter fleece jackets and Hygiene supplies to be distributed.

Thank you for all your support! The time you spent making the Super Sale a success, and the donations to the Celebrate Campaign, all make a difference in our ability to meet our mission. The amount of work and money you contributed to making the 2019 Auction success played a significant role in allowing us to expand our Higher Education scholarship program.

Thank you for your time and donations of money to meet the needs of the community!

Building Brighter Futures for Our Students


Mark your calendars now to reserve April 10, 2021 for our next gala auction to benefit our students.

Registration will begin March 18 as well as On-line bidding for exciting Auction Items.

The Higher Education Scholarship committee, so well led by Don Berger for many years, will now be chaired by Marcia Harris. Thank you, Don, for a job very well done. We look forward to continued success with Marcia.

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